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Free papers will not meet the guidelines of your specific project. The woman said, "They look like white elephants. He tries to remain cool and he avoids any discussion of the girls nd his problem. They are lovely but difficult and expensive to maintain.

E passage there is no explicit sign of conflict however there is a slight undercurrent of uncertainty and tension. The train is representative of two different directions if life, however is unclear whether this signifies that the man has changed his mind about the abortion, or that Jig has decided to go through with the operation and leave him so they have to live separate lives.

Hills Like White Elephants: The Symbolism Of The Setting

With an abortion, they could continue their party- and fun-filled, although meaningless existence. How to Write a Summary of an Article. Get instant access to over 50, essays. The girl is very indecisive throughout the story in whether to have the operation or not.

Even though she realizes the possibilities, she has difficulties letting go of old habits, has a low self-esteem that leads to her being submissive, and puts up a frail fight by hiding her feelings behind her sarcastic comments.

The hills have two separate sides depending on where you stand. The bead curtain represents the fact that once they choose a side, to have the baby or not, they cannot change their minds and then switch sides.

Apart from the hill other setting provide symbolism. While many feel like the American will leave her after, this scenario will give people a second thought. The setting is also symbolic as they are physically at a Junction point between Barcelona and Madrid however they re also mentally at a Junction as they are not sure what to do with the baby.

The American and Jig the girl clearly cannot stay at the train station forever. The second smile was towards the man for carrying the bags over to the train which is read as another thank you gesture.

Hills Like White Elephants Essay

Hemingway iceberg theory is relevant to this story because though the story seems to be simply about a man and a woman having a causal conversation there are undertones of more serious and pressing issues. The two must decide how they will remain, two or three.

The distant hills taunt Jig because her choice and her future are not too far away. The climax of the story appears when Jig is agitated by their irritating conversation and their romantic relationship. Hills Like White Elephants Literature: Although the man tries to convince Jig that he knows the operation is safe, he may not know much about the operation Short Stories for Students Also though she is pregnant she is consuming alcohol, which is bad for her unborn child indicating that finally she might Just agree with the American and unborn child while the brown dry countryside is symbolic of the American and the Related Essays.

Her indecision of whether to have a new drink with water or not, also conveys the indecision she faces deeper issue of whether or not to have an abortion. His Job in the story is to convince the girl to have the operation but the he tries to act like he does not care what she does.

Hills Like White Elephants Essay

She was sitting there and smiled at him. Want to read the rest of this paper.

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He took the bags questions to the tracks looking for the train an answerbut saw nothing coming. These hills are white and by using the image of them being shaped like elephants, Hemingway provides the story with the symbol of a womb, soft looking and pale, growing beneath the seemingly calm surface.

Hemingway does this on purpose in order to highlight the fact that the relationship between the American and the girl is at crossroads.

The choice to have the abortion symbolizes sterility, which coincides with the barren and desolate scenery, while the fertility of having the baby is seen in the lush forests and river on the other side of the valley Short Stories for Students She can guess that keeping the baby will mean losing her boyfriend, eventually.

Report This Essay. View Full Essay. In Hills Like White Elephants, the couple are having their discussion over beer. The man and the woman say things to each other but the other does not seem to be listening to them.

In Hills Like White Elephants the setting is described as, “hills. They were white in the sun and the country was brown. Hills Like White Elephants”, by Ernest Hemingway, is a short story published inwhich is set at a train station in Spain.

In this story the reader eavesdrops on a conversation held by “the American and the girl with him”. Compare the stories, “Hills Like White Elephants” and “Good People.” Prompt: (1) make a comparative argument about three elements these two stories have in common. These elements can be related to structure, type of narration and point of view, character, setting, symbolism and.

The Similarity of the Husband in "Cat in The Rain" and "Hills Like White Elephants" Pages: 2 Words: Ernest Hemingway’s “Cat in the Rain” and “Hills Like White Elephants” describe a theme of difference between husband’s desires and wife’s desires.

Hills Like White Elephants: The Symbolism of the Setting In Ernest Hemingway's story Hills Like White Elephants an American couple is sitting at a table in a train station in Spain.

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They are discussing beer, travel, and whether or not to have an abortion. Sample essay topic, essay writing: Analysis Of Hills Like White E - words In "Hills Like White Elephants" Ernest Hemingway relies on symbolism to convey the theme of abortion. The symbolic material objects, as well as the strong symbolic characters, aid the reader's understanding of the underlying theme.

Essay on hills like white elephants setting
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